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JHandles come in sets of two (2). You can own a set for only $24.95 + $9.00 S&H. Additional S&H charges are incurred for order quantities above two sets - these additional charges can be calculated on the checkout page. Please call 855-775-0549 for international shipping options.


When you try to carry sheet stock the old fashioned way more than half your vision is blocked and your balance is sketchy at best! JHandles are designed to keep the user walking upright with the material away from their body. As shown in the photo above, the users are able to easily maneuver the material and maintain the balance of the material while only carrying with one hand. They are also able to easily move around obstacles and have a clear view of the area around them.

JHandles are designed to carry sheet stock such as drywall, plywood and MDF. They create a handle on objects not made with one. The design of JHandles allows it to lock onto an object and hold it securely and evenly balanced while you carry it.

Designed by engineering students as an assignment to design a product to make life easier and increase safety. The result was the patent pending ergonomic design of the JHandle. Now YOU can benefit from their design work!


"I picked up my PVC sheets yesterday and used your JHandles for the first time. What a great tool! I was able to move 4' x 12' 3/4" sheets that weight over 100 lbs with ease. My neighbor who help me could not believe how easy your handles worked."  --Frank

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Grip It!
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For as long as there has been drywall and plywood people have struggled with how to move it. Until now, people had to try and grab the sheet and balance it on their shoulder and head. This can cause severe back and neck injuries not to mention all of the other injuries you can suffer trying to navigate the sheet around the work site. The alternative was to get help, but even then it is awkward at best. Both people have to find a way to grasp the sheet so it won't drop. This is exhausting and most people need a break after just a few sheets.


  • Better Grip with Less Effort
  • Easier on Your Hands and Back
  • Adjustable Positioning
  • Ergonomic
  • Design to Carry Up to 200 lbs
  • For Right and Left Hand Users
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Small & Lightweight - 2.2 lbs each set


Grip It

Other carrying devices on the market either require you to balance the material on a flimsy plastic handle or have moving parts that can wear out and break down. JHandles are solid steel and contain no moving parts. With JHandles gravity is your friend. The weight of the material causes them to lock on. The vice like action caused by simply lifting up on the JHandle securely holds the material. The action is strong enough to allow you to carry double sheets! And better yet, it can be used by both right and left handed people!